EFL Learners’ Attitudes Towards Online Reflective Journals’ Impact on Creative Writing: An Analytical Study

Haya Fayyad Abuhussein 1 *

International Journal of Professional Development, Learners and Learning, Volume 4, Issue 2, Article No: ep2208

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This study aimed at investigating EFL learners’ attitudes toward the impact of online reflective journals on creative writing. The study has adopted a descriptive-analytical design, through which both quantitative and qualitative research methods were utilized. 30 EFL students enrolled in an intensive B1/unlock course were trained to write online reflective journals regularly and post them on a messenger group where all students could read and reflect on them. The study lasted for eight weeks during the second semester of 2020/2021. An attitudinal questionnaire was distributed to all the participants at the end of the intervention, and appropriate statistical analyses were used to figure out the participants’ attitudes. In addition, all participants were asked to share their reflections by writing online reflective journals via the messenger group. Participants’ reflections and responses were deliberately analyzed qualitatively to extract and read their attitudes deeply. Both the questionnaire’s responses and the personal reflections have shown positive attitudes towards the impact of online reflective journals on improving EFL learners’ creative writing. Hence, some recommendations were suggested.



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